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Spiritual Spam May 12, 2008

Posted by mk in Uncategorized.

KSL reported a story about spiritual spam yesterday.  It really just says in a subtle way that we don’t have a lot of ‘news’ happening right now in Utah….Unless you count the David Archuleta Day celebration last Friday.  Even I’ll admit, that should be the top priority in reporting.

However, back to spiritual spam.  I, for one, am not so interested in receiving the spiritual spam.  I’m not interested in the guilt trip.  “If you’re not ashamed of your religion, pass this on.”  I’m not ashamed of what I believe in.  But that doesn’t mean that I want to pass along the things that you aren’t ashamed to pass along to me.  It’s audacious to send these things to people who don’t believe what you do.  It’s even more audacious to expect them to pass it along.  I read a lot of these things because I feel obligated to the person who sent it.  But, I don’t like it.


1. Karen - May 13, 2008


2. blake - May 13, 2008

for some reason – my post is (automatically generated) for this post. but…

i completely agree with you. but – i don’t agree with the obligation part. i don’t feel obligated to read chain emails or anything of the sort.

i am not ashamed of my faith. the only thing that i might be ashamed of is what i am thinking when i get one of these dumb letters.

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