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Politics – Voting & Barack Obama June 4, 2008

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Just that, politics. They can be enough to make me insane. Some people just don’t take the time to learn about what is going on. They just make completely irrational statements about how they think it should be but apparently don’t know enough about how it is to make educated statements.

Example: “I’m so sick of life time politicians. I think that everyone should be limited to one term”

That’s fine. It’s an opinion.

But then it progresses into this: “Campaigning just costs too much money and should be limited to two months.”

Again, that’s fine. It’s an opinion.

This is where the confusion sets in: “There shouldn’t even be elections. Each state should just have a representative that is appointed.” “But who is going to appoint them?” “The voters in each state will vote for who they want to represent them.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems remarkably contradictory.  It seems very anti-democratic but it  also seems remarkably similar to the system we have now where each state’s voters vote for who they would like to be their Senators and their Representatives.

I hear things like this all the time. We have the potential to have a pretty amazing government. There are a few problems with it. To me the biggest problem is that too many people don’t vote. Everyone likes to complain but if not taking advantage of your real voice in the vote, don’t even bother talking at all because your vocal complaints aren’t an action. So take action and vote.

Sorry that almost turned into a longer rant about the necessity of voting.

And before this gets too long (and too eclectic), Barack Obama is getting the democratic party nomination after a very long primary season. So go out and vote for him. After all, he’s better than McCain, who may not represent the “wrong kind of change” that he thinks Obama does but he represents the wrong kind of stagnant politics that we need to change.



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