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Are the high gas prices really such a bad thing? June 26, 2008

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We have a problem.  Oil is a non-renewable resource and our continued use is depleting the supply as well as hurting the environment.

I have this theory that if gas prices keep going up, people might be inclined to not drive as much.  The people out there that can afford it and are driving completely inefficient cars are inconvenienced but they can still afford to drive their Hummers. (By the way, when people stare at you, it’s not because you have such a cool car, it’s because we think you’re asinine for driving such an irresponsible 7mpg car.)  So why not let gas prices go higher than they already are?  Maybe at some point it will be enough of an inconvenience that these people will consider everyone else in this matter and either drive less or get something more efficient.

The only thing that will eventually allow gas prices to go down is when the demand goes down.  Offshore drilling is a temporary fix.

I realize that there are other issues with letting the price of gas continue to rise.  There are the people who are already struggling to get by and get to work.  I have ideas…maybe there is a discount for people under a certain income?  Maybe cars that are fuel efficient are discounted?  Maybe people who drive cars that have less than 10mpg, pay $100/gallon?

Whatever the solution may be, we need to figure this out sooner rather than later.



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