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Corn Crisps July 18, 2008

Posted by mk in Uncategorized.

There are a few things I miss in life. Corn Crisp Pringles are one of them. In my opinion this was the best Pringle flavor EVER. How can a product that was so good be discontinued?

If we categorize all products into the following three categories: the winners, the losers, and the ones in the middle, does it really hurt a company to keep the middle products around? It lets them have a wider variety in their product line as well as pick up customers that may not be so fond of their ‘winners.’

I love Corn Crisps. I like the original potato chip. I don’t so much care for Sour Cream & Onion, Ranch, Loaded Baked Potato, Spicy Guacamole, Bacon Ranch, Jalapeno, Chili Cheese, Pizza, Cheddar Cheese, Ranch, Barbecue, and Salt & Vinegar. Aside from the original potato chip, I don’t like a single flavor in their current product line and the one I love is gone. If it was a complete ‘loser’ product I’d understand but every time I bring this flavor up to people they liked them too. So, what went wrong?


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