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American Teen – Theaters Today July 25, 2008

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I saw American Teen at Sundance this year. I have been out of high school for almost ten years now but it was almost eerie to see this film. I think almost everyone who remembers high school and what it really was can relate to this. It seems like everyone can compare themselves to one of the stereotypical roles shown here.

When I heard about “American Teen” and found out it was filmed in Warsaw, Indiana, I had to go while it was at Sundance. I got up at 5 in the morning to wait in line on a very cold January day. I have a personal connection. This was my high school after all. Watching it was an odd experience. While many people can watch this and compare it to their high school lives, this was my high school life. I moved away from Warsaw to Park City, UT a couple weeks after I graduated high school. This took me back to my high school, Gordy’s, Winona Lake, the Dance Hall, the Country Club, the gym, and even the old brick road in Leesburg. If the faces in the hallway were different, this could have just as easily been my class.

In many ways, it is a typical ‘teen’ movie but from my perspective, I can honestly say that this is as real as it gets and it really does seem like nothing in Warsaw, Indiana ever changes.



1. purowdy - July 31, 2008

I’m really excited to see this movie, Shelby saw it couple days ago and said she liked it. Guess it starts next week at more than just a few select theatres. I’ll let you know what I think.

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