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If Work Were Fun, It Would Be Called ‘Fun’ Not ‘Work’ August 27, 2008

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I really like what I do.  Most days.  I am interested in it.  It fits my semi-nerdy (very nerdy to some people) interests.  I like to learn about new things so research is right up my alley.  But some days, it seems to me that things aren’t going quite the way I’d like them to.  Sometimes I just don’t get the results I want to see.  Sometimes I just don’t get them back as fast as I’d like to.

There are ups and downs to all jobs.  It can’t be all fun and games or it really wouldn’t be work.  Right now my downs are phone calls.  I hate being on the phone.  All around.  As much as I like to talk, I’d just rather do it face-to-face.  It’s easier, not so awkward, and it doesn’t make my neck hurt as I type and hold the phone between my neck and ear.

My cousin has started what he calls the C-list.  I’m going to copy him today.  Today’s list for me are the jobs that I think would be so much fun, that I would struggle to call it work:

  • Book, Movie, or Restaurant Critic (Preference going to Book Critic)
  • Writing Travel Guides
  • Video Game Testers
  • Skiier/Snowboarder/Curler/Swimmer
  • The Person Who Choreographs the Bellagio Fountains
  • Firework Display Choreographer

I’m sure there are some more that I can think of.  I’m sure everyone has their own list of things that they would LOVE to do.  Those are mine – though some are slightly quirky, I think they’d be amazing.


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