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Palin for VP??? August 30, 2008

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In a shocking announcement, John McCain chose Alaska governor, Sarah Palin, as his running mate for the upcoming election.

Was this a foolish choice?  I think it may have been.  I could be wrong and only the next sixty-six days will tell however, my initial thoughts say that this was a poor decision.  I understand the logic in choosing a woman as a runningmate.  Palin has very little political experience being mayor of a small town and governor of a small state for two years.  She is incredibly conservative.  If the motive is to get the female vote that Hillary Clinton once had, I’m not so sure she is the right alternative.  Though some of the people who liked Hillary Clinton may have liked her solely because of her gender I think more of them liked her for her politics and an ultra-conservative woman is not a suitable replacement.



1. Jamie Holts - August 30, 2008

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2. Sarah Flinn - September 1, 2008

I don’t know, I think that a lot of those Hillary supporters will switch to McCain because of her. I watched “The Daily Show with John Stewart; Global Edition” in our hotel the other day and there was a segment on Hillary fans and they had websites like: DemocratsforMcCain.com and others that I have forgotten. However, only the most stubborn Clinton supporters would be stupid enough to sacrifice an important election over pride. Is it really worth another 4 wasted years?

3. Caryn Caldwell - September 1, 2008

As a woman I feel manipulated by the McCain campaign. I am a staunch Democrat and wouldn’t have voted for him anyway, but I don’t like the idea that they would choose someone just because she’s a woman and expect people to flock to their side. I would like to think that women look beyond gender to the real issues at stake. Is it really feminist to vote for a woman who opposes abortion, for example? And if some of Clinton’s fans were so shallow that they would vote for someone because of her anatomy instead of her issues — which are the polar opposite of Clinton’s — well, then that’s just sad. Vote for the McCain/Palin ticket for other reasons, fine. But not simply because of gender. That’s like the people who vote for/against Obama simply because of his politics. In the end it’s how they actually run the country that counts.

On the other hand, I do like that it’s a landmark election. No matter which side wins, they’ll be making history. That’s exciting to me.

4. purowdy - September 2, 2008

This was a great pic, in my eyes could not have picked anybody better. She will bring in some of the female voters that were for Hillary, not all of them, but a good chunk will come. Also it brings back in the hardcore conservatives who felt that McCain was to moderate for them.

She also has been in elected office longer than Obama if we’re going to get into experience. In my eyes, if you’re going to get into the experience argument and both sides have a person with limited experience, I’m much happier to have a VP with less experience than a President.

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