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Oh How I Love to Eat October 28, 2008

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So as many of you know, I love to eat.  I have eaten my way through Germany and Italy over the last two weeks and it was fantastic.

Jagerschnitzel & Spaetzle

Jagerschnitzel & Spaetzle

We got to Germany Tuesday and went to eat some schnitzel. (That was my prime mission for my entire visit to Germany and I accomplished it fairly early on)  We went to the roten ox restaurant.  (I’m sure that S will be correcting me on that one.  But I’m sparing myself embarrassing spelling errors)  I had Jagerschnitzel and spaetzle and this delicious salad.  It had all sorts of vegetables and real German potato salad.  I learned today what one of the vegetable salads is…At least I think I do.  I think the white unknown was a celery salad.  I also had Heidelberg Hefeweissen with my meal.  At just the temperature I enjoy it.

The food wasn’t quite what I expected from Germany.  It was better.  I don’t know why I was expecting plain, bland food but everything I had was very good and it comes in these enormous portions.  A certain co-worker would have been impressed with my leftovers each night.



We had one night at the ‘really good restaurant’ and my mom had the clear winner of a dish.  It was called maultauschen (sp??).  It is the specialty dish of Heidelberg.  They are these delicious little vegetable and meat filled dumplings baked in butter and cream topped with melted cheese.  Amazing.

While in Triberg I had a tasty dish as well.  I’m not sure what the German name is but the English translation is gratinized veal.  Basically a little cheesy veal dish

Our last afternoon there we went to the restaurant that A describes as sub-par but you get a lot of food and it is cheap.  It was definitely two of the three.  8.50Euros for so much food but it was really good.  We all had the schnitzel, tomato soup, salad, and french fries.  I’m still amazed at how much food showed up at our table.

Now on to Italy…..

Gelato…I love gelato and I think I had at least a dozen new flavors.  I still can’t pick a favorite so I’ll continue to try new ones.

We had quite a bit more time to eat my way through Italy.  I was rather disappointed in Tony’s.  I had such high hopes for the best lasagna in the world and his restaurant has gotten really busy in the last couple years and I feel like the quality has gone down a little bit.  It was still good.  Just not as good as it used to be.

I can’t even remember most of Rome.  I had some spicy pasta one night that was good.  And I had some chicken and spaghetti one night too.

walnut ravioli

walnut ravioli

Florence is where I like to eat.  We went to Borgo Antico in Piazza Santo Spirito.  They have this delicious spicy spaghetti but I opted for something new this time.  Ravioli di patate.  So Good that I actually went back and had it again before I left.

A favorite from last time was the walnut ravioli from Za-Za’s and it didn’t let me down.

We even had a couple fancy meals with meat.  I had a balsamic steak one evening that was quite good.  I should try to make the blueberry balsamic myself.  One night at the fancy restaurant I had a steak and ‘spicy’ vegetables.  I’m not sure if something was lost in the translation but they were not spicy.

All in all, I successfully ate myself through a couple countries.  There were no missed meals and amazingly enough I could always eat more.  I learned how to make some pretty good pasta and stuff so I will continue to eat the way I am enjoying to right now.  Come over and try some if you want!


1. Sarah Flinn - October 29, 2008

Your spelling was just fine. However, I thought you should know that the walnut ravioli doesn’t actually look that appetizing in your picture! It is definitely tasty though.

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