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Pumpkin Cookies November 4, 2008

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My (blurry) Pumpkin Cookies

My (blurry) Pumpkin Cookies

My grandma used to make pumpkin cookies for us every year around Halloween/Thanksgiving time.  And now it just doesn’t seem right to not have them.  So, I tried making them myself.  It was quite the process and somehow managed to take me two days.  Maybe D is right and I just can’t cook fast :-).  I started Sunday and the dough just wasn’t chilling fast enough so I finished them yesterday.  I even made some green icing for the stems in true pumpkin cookie fashion.

Then I find out after all of my trouble that I used the wrong cookie recipe.  I still think that they turned out well if I do say so myself.



1. Karen - November 4, 2008

they are quite delicious !

2. Sarah Flinn - November 4, 2008

I was thinking about those the other day! They sound so good, maybe we can make some when I come home for Christmas.

3. cookingblog - November 4, 2008

hey nice post good wording you should come try my newest recipe strawberry shortcut yum! 🙂
heres the way to try it out click here


4. mk - November 4, 2008

If we make them at Christmas, they are Christmas cookies, not pumpkin cookies. But I bet that could be arranged. I like Christmas cookies, too!

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