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My Oven Is Broken November 6, 2008

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I never realized how dependent I am on my oven but it has been broken since before I got back from my trip (a week and a half now) and the fix-it guys never showed up yesterday and rescheduled for next Wednesday.  That is almost three weeks without an oven and I think I may go crazy.  Last night we had guests for dinner and had to microwave everything and it just doesn’t work out quite as well.  Even the easy foods that I think to have since I don’t have an oven (i.e. frozen pizza) are impossible.

If anyone has any ideas for good stove top only meals, let me know.  My powers of creative thinking are lacking today.  Though I’m sure I’ll come up with something.


1. dad - November 6, 2008

if you would like to come over for dinner, you can. let us know?

2. Sarah Flinn - November 6, 2008

At least you finished the pumpkin cookies! p.s. Dad, I would like to come over for dinner!

3. mk - November 6, 2008

i didn’t finish the pumpkin cookies – i had to go home to make them. the oven broke sometime while i was gone.

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