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Small Animals Interefere with Power December 5, 2008

Posted by mk in Uncategorized.

Today has been a long day.  Around 11:30 (just as I was finally getting focused on my work I might add), the power suddenly went out.  Usually it comes right back on but not this time.  I waited about an hour and a half before calling the electric company to find out what was going on.  As it turns out, they were exceptionally helpful (insert hint of sarcasm) in telling me “I don’t know what is wrong.  We’ll be sending a crew out shortly to fix the problem but it looks like the affected area is 1000 households at this point.”  Good piece of trivia however, it didn’t make me feel any better that I was not alone or that no one knew what was wrong.  An hour later I get a phone call that the power is expected to be restored by 5:30pm but if it isn’t, it will be restored as soon as possible.  I would hope regardless of when it is taken care of that it is as soon as possible.

My laptop battery quickly died.  Not that it really mattered because the router had no power and therefore no Internet.  So much for a productive day….It was actually kind of nice though.  Despite the fact that I was stranded because I am not tall enough to open my garage door, all in all it turned into a good day.  I read quite a bit, got a little bit of work finished, knitted some more of my Special Olympics sweater (It should definitely be finished this weekend), and got a nap in.  Couldn’t ask for a better accidental start to the weekend.


1. Sarah Flinn - December 5, 2008

You’re making a special olympics sweater too? Don’t you think that one person who has a sweater and a scarf is going to feel more special than everyone else?

2. Sarah Flinn - December 7, 2008

Besides the sweater thing, I just realized that you never actually explained where the small animals came into play.

3. mk - December 8, 2008

I don’t know exactly how they came into play either. It just said that small animals interfered with the power lines — Could have eaten them or been digging….

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