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New Years Resolutions February 24, 2009

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February is almost over and I’m taking an inventory on my new years resolutions and how I am doing with them.  Some of them I’m not surprised that I’m not keeping and others I’m actually doing well with.

  • Utah National Parks – I want to go to all of the National Parks in Utah before the end of the year.  I have lived here for almost ten years and have made it to Arches.  No excuses for not going – haven’t made any progress yet this year but still hoping
  • Read 36 books – That averages out to three books a month.  I thought it would be attainable.  So far I am working on my 6th and plan to have that finished this week as well as my 7th.  Pretty good for still being in month number 2.
  • Do not purchase books. Use the library – while I haven’t used the library, I haven’t purchased any books either.  I have been reading strictly from my book shelves which is an accomplishment in and of itself for me.
  • Track my mileage accurately – I’ve been doing this.  A while ago, I had a client – MileBug – for a research project and I bought his application for my iPhone.  It’s remarkable how much I drive for work and now I actually know instead of guess.
  • Write my book – I am devoted to this and working on it.  Progress is slow but it is still progress
  • Yoga twice a week – I might average close to that but somehow work manages to get in the way.  I’m still trying – I notice a difference when I go.
  • Be on time – This was for personal things.  I can manage to be on time, if not early to work related events but for some reason personal things are harder to make it to.  I’ve been much better though not 100% yet. (I blame the Park City time zone – they live fifteen minutes later than the rest of the world)
  • Limit my work to 45 hours a week and none on the weekends. – This was the one I knew would be a problem.  I have been good about not working on weekends but 45 hours has been a bit of a struggle.  I’m still trying though.


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