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Spring Dine-O-Round – Salt Lake City April 23, 2009

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The Spring Dine-O-Round is here!  I love to eat as you know and I’m excited to hear that 30 local restaurants in down town Salt Lake are offering 30 nights of dinners for $30 (some of the restaurants are $15).  Each of the restaurants are offering a special three course meal throughout the month.  Go out there and try a local restaurant!  Or if $15/$30 is too much, some of them are offering a $10 two course lunch as an option as well.

I for one am going to take full advantage of these offerings and try some places I’ve wanted to for quite a while…and maybe visit a few that I already know I enjoy.


1. Spring Dine-O-Round - Salt Lake City - April 23, 2009

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