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Utah Drivers – I wish I had a bumper car…. May 15, 2009

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UGH!!!  Bad drivers once again start my day off just right.  I know every state has its share of bad drivers but I have concluded as of this morning that Utah is definitely the worst…And I’ve driven in quite a few other states to compare.

This insane lady changed lanes NINE times this morning over  a stretch of about 500 yards.  One of those times was nearly into the side of me at which point I ever so politely used my horn to remind/alert her to my presence and she got angry…I’ve never wished for bumper cars so much because I wanted to ram her into a phone pole (and that’s putting it quite mildly).

I’m wondering why some people can’t just be courteous drivers.  Apparently it’s a lot harder to do than I think it should be.  A few things to start with that would help…

  • Turn signals – convenient how they signal to others that you intend to turn in the near future….otherwise, you’re just slowing down in a random spot.
  • Move entirely into a turn lane if it is available.  Otherwise you are just blocking traffic.
  • DO NOT TAILGATE.  Especially when someone is going ten miles over the speed limit in the right lane.  There are two other lanes to use for passing.  Need I say more?

That’s all in my driving rant today….To the woman in the white Mitsubishi eclipse convertible parked in front of the building next to us…YOU ARE THE WORST DRIVER I AVE SEEN IN A LONG LONG TIME!!



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