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Facebook Advertisements May 17, 2009

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adsSometimes I wonder how the advertisements are selected for a particular site.  I know there are keywords and so forth but what was it in my Facebook profile that attracted modest bridal gowns, utah breast augmentation, and electrifying my knitting??  (See the left ads copied from my Facebook)

ads2To the best of my knowledge I haven’t made reference to myself getting married or any surgical work done….I probably have mentioned knitting as a hobby somewhere along the lines.  After all I do enjoy that one.  But, I really do wonder where the other two came from.

The next page I clicked on brought the ads to the right up. Custom inflatables?? Aqua Zone RNGD??  Thank you Facebook…before you, I was complete oblivious to my dire need for an inflatable creation.

And again with the Utah weddings being pushed.  Even if I were in the market for wedding stuff right now, I’m not sure I’m the right audience for a ‘Utah’ wedding.

I guess when all is said and done, I’m just frustrated.  It took me a long time to give into Facebook and its devilish way of stealing productive time away from me.  Now I’m just sick of it telling me that I need to get married….But on the positive side, when I do decide to have a wedding, I’ll know where to get a custom inflatable for my event.



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