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Facebook Advertisements May 17, 2009

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adsSometimes I wonder how the advertisements are selected for a particular site.  I know there are keywords and so forth but what was it in my Facebook profile that attracted modest bridal gowns, utah breast augmentation, and electrifying my knitting??  (See the left ads copied from my Facebook)

ads2To the best of my knowledge I haven’t made reference to myself getting married or any surgical work done….I probably have mentioned knitting as a hobby somewhere along the lines.  After all I do enjoy that one.  But, I really do wonder where the other two came from.

The next page I clicked on brought the ads to the right up. Custom inflatables?? Aqua Zone RNGD??  Thank you Facebook…before you, I was complete oblivious to my dire need for an inflatable creation.

And again with the Utah weddings being pushed.  Even if I were in the market for wedding stuff right now, I’m not sure I’m the right audience for a ‘Utah’ wedding.

I guess when all is said and done, I’m just frustrated.  It took me a long time to give into Facebook and its devilish way of stealing productive time away from me.  Now I’m just sick of it telling me that I need to get married….But on the positive side, when I do decide to have a wedding, I’ll know where to get a custom inflatable for my event.


Utah Drivers – I wish I had a bumper car…. May 15, 2009

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UGH!!!  Bad drivers once again start my day off just right.  I know every state has its share of bad drivers but I have concluded as of this morning that Utah is definitely the worst…And I’ve driven in quite a few other states to compare.

This insane lady changed lanes NINE times this morning over  a stretch of about 500 yards.  One of those times was nearly into the side of me at which point I ever so politely used my horn to remind/alert her to my presence and she got angry…I’ve never wished for bumper cars so much because I wanted to ram her into a phone pole (and that’s putting it quite mildly).

I’m wondering why some people can’t just be courteous drivers.  Apparently it’s a lot harder to do than I think it should be.  A few things to start with that would help…

  • Turn signals – convenient how they signal to others that you intend to turn in the near future….otherwise, you’re just slowing down in a random spot.
  • Move entirely into a turn lane if it is available.  Otherwise you are just blocking traffic.
  • DO NOT TAILGATE.  Especially when someone is going ten miles over the speed limit in the right lane.  There are two other lanes to use for passing.  Need I say more?

That’s all in my driving rant today….To the woman in the white Mitsubishi eclipse convertible parked in front of the building next to us…YOU ARE THE WORST DRIVER I AVE SEEN IN A LONG LONG TIME!!

Goldsmith Co. Jewelers – Free Strand of Pearls May 6, 2009

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For all of you in Utah, come into Goldsmith Co. Jewelers by Saturday for a free strand of pearls.  They are really nice and there are no strings attached.  Just print out this coupon and bring it in before Saturday, May 9.

They have been in Provo for 38 years – owned by the same family.  They are a great local company and really care about their customers.  I have really enjoyed working with them and I think you will, too so if you get a chance, go check them out.

In Honor of Earth Day – A Couple Days Late April 24, 2009

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earthbluemarblewestterraI missed the boat on Earth Day….But the way I see it, we should be doing a better job of taking care of the earth Every day…hence the phrase “Earth Day, Every Day.” that is so popular on bumper stickers and t-shirts.

There are people out there who are making huge efforts to be green….You know who they are.  But those people are few and far between.  There is nothing wrong with them taking such care but if everyone would do a few small things, I’m positive it would add up to greater results.

A few easy things that I try to do – and you can do without much effort…

  • Buy a single water bottle and refill it as opposed to drinking the 2 plastic bottles of water the average American drinks each day.  I got a water filter and the water is just as good, costs less, and I don’t have to take the recycling out as much.  Those are just the immediate benefits to me.  To the Earth: less energy is used making these bottles, less oil is used transporting these bottles around the world, and less waste is in the landfill.
  • Replace old light bulbs with those fancy compact fluorescent light bulbs.  For you, yes, they cost a little bit more initially but they are energy efficient so they cost less in the long run.  For the Earth, they use 75% less energy and last ten times longer which means less energy used and again, less waste.
  • Take public transportation.  It’s going to be running anyway so you might as well be on it.  I understand that it isn’t always convenient but when it is, why not use it?  It’s fairly inexpensive (in some places, like Park City, it is free) and you can multi-task (It’s more time for me to read since I obviously can’t do it while I’m driving.)  Many public transportation organizations run on bio-diesel or natural gas.
  • Or walk when you can.  It’s good for you.  It’s good for the Earth.  Win-win.
  • Also along those lines, drive less.  Plan your trips out to get multiple errands done in a loop rather than 5 trips to the store that could have been accomplished in one.  This will also save tons of time and gas.
  • Turn off the water and lights when you aren’t using them.  I feel like my mom and dad saying this.  For all the times I’ve been ‘scolded’ for not doing these two things, you would have thought it would have sunk in earlier.  Though it took some time, it’s in there now and it drives me nuts when people leave lights/water/television on when they aren’t using it.
  • Turn the heat and A/C down.  Use a blanket instead of blasting the heat up to 75 degrees.  That will save you a LOT of money.  And as far as the A/C goes, if it is 100 degrees outside, 75 inside should feel pretty good.  Why leave it at 65?  Again, this will save a LOT of money.
  • Use reusable bags at the grocery store.  (This is what inspired this blog)  This morning I saw a contest to design a reusable grocery bag for Kroger/Smith’s.  You can design it and everyone who enters will get a free bag.  The winner can win $1000 gift card for groceries.  Back to why you should use them: You can fit so much more in one bag and if you are like me and refuse to make more than one trip from the car upstairs, it’s nice to only have 3 bags instead of 12.  They are sturdy and don’t kill ocean life (Thanks, Brandon, for that bit of trivia.).

So those are a few of the things that I’m working on and I feel confident that you can too.  Nothing is too expensive and nothing really takes much extra effort or time.

Spring Dine-O-Round – Salt Lake City April 23, 2009

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The Spring Dine-O-Round is here!  I love to eat as you know and I’m excited to hear that 30 local restaurants in down town Salt Lake are offering 30 nights of dinners for $30 (some of the restaurants are $15).  Each of the restaurants are offering a special three course meal throughout the month.  Go out there and try a local restaurant!  Or if $15/$30 is too much, some of them are offering a $10 two course lunch as an option as well.

I for one am going to take full advantage of these offerings and try some places I’ve wanted to for quite a while…and maybe visit a few that I already know I enjoy.