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Chicago November 18, 2008

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chicagoatnight1I’m off to Chicago tomorrow for a few days.  I am very excited.  I’ll be finishing my certification in market research from the Burke Institute.  This year has been a good year and I have learned so much.  Anyone who really knows me, knows that I really like school so it has been a good change of pace for me.

I love Chicago.  It might be my favorite city.  It is at least in my top 3.  The city just draws me in every time I am there and I feel like it is more of a struggle to leave every time I have to leave for home.  There are just so many things to do there and so many places to explore.  This year, I have already spent about three and a half weeks there and each time I discover a new ‘favorite’ place.

So that’s all for now.  I’ll be off in my favorite town early tomorrow morning….I’ll be sure to have more to say when I get back….