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Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? September 28, 2008

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I just watched “Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?”  It was recommended to me by Netflix based on my high ratings of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” which I love.  It is an example of idealism at its finest.

“Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore” is a documentary about Jeff Smith, a Democrat from Missouri, fighting for a  seat in the House against incumbent legacy politician, Carnahan.  Smith was an unknown candidate and rose up against the system by a lot of hard work, phone calls, knocking on doors and grassroots campaigning.  Though he didn’t win, he came within two percentage points of the vote.

It just got me thinking about why people seem so closed to the idea of allowing someone else to have a chance at changing the politics of the country.  Even when people seem unhappy with the current situation, they vote the same people back into office.  It’s hard to expect a different outcome with more of the same.