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Chicago November 18, 2008

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chicagoatnight1I’m off to Chicago tomorrow for a few days.  I am very excited.  I’ll be finishing my certification in market research from the Burke Institute.  This year has been a good year and I have learned so much.  Anyone who really knows me, knows that I really like school so it has been a good change of pace for me.

I love Chicago.  It might be my favorite city.  It is at least in my top 3.  The city just draws me in every time I am there and I feel like it is more of a struggle to leave every time I have to leave for home.  There are just so many things to do there and so many places to explore.  This year, I have already spent about three and a half weeks there and each time I discover a new ‘favorite’ place.

So that’s all for now.  I’ll be off in my favorite town early tomorrow morning….I’ll be sure to have more to say when I get back….

“What’s been going on since I saw you last?” April 30, 2008

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How do you answer “what’s new?” or “what’s been going on?” when you haven’t seen someone in ten years?

It is a strange thing seeing people from your past. This weekend I have seen more people from the past twenty-five years of my life than ever in one location and oddly enough it is in a city that happens to be the current common bond but not where any of us met or are originally from.

So what is new? The summary is basically this:

High school graduation – Move to Utah – Move to Milwaukee for school at Marquette – Marquette graduation – Back to Utah – Travel a little, work randomly, putz around trying to figure out ‘what next?’ – And now I work at a small marketing consulting company and I want to go back to school and get my Masters.

For those I was closer to, There are a few more personal details involved. But nothing too shocking and I don’t feel like I’ve heard anything from anyone else that surpasses my own slightly trivial happenings. A couple people got married and/or had kids. But otherwise it is more or less the same story.

I don’t really miss Warsaw yet, there are still things I miss about it. I do miss Milwaukee and Marquette – not the way it is now but the way it was when I was there. Ultimately, I miss the people that made these places what they were. There are a handful of people. They know who they are. They were the people closest to me. The ones that we hardly had to have conversations because we knew what the other was thinking. These are the people I remember things about that they don’t and sometimes they bring up things that I forgot – or am still trying to forget. The ones that still call me Missy much to my dismay.

Even though when we sum up our lives when so much time has unbelievably passed it doesn’t sound like much, it is. We have all changed. We have grown. Life has treated us well. And now, despite the occasional nostalgic desire to go back in time and relive the simpler times, we are in a good place.

Michigan Avenue April 27, 2008

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There are a million things going on along Michigan Avenue. I’ve been exploring what could potentially be a new place to live a little bit more every day. I miss living in the city but a few things I’d forgotten that I’ve noticed along the way:

Dress up clothes with tennis shoes: I understand the practicality completely because as it stands my own feet hurt from walking around miles daily. But tennis shoes with fishnets? And we’re not talking the very small, black fishnets that with the appropriate outfit still have some class. We’re talking hooker, bright, yellow, big fishnets with a mini-skirt and half a shirt.

Chicago is definitely the biggest city in the Midwest: For us Midwesterners, it really is a big deal to go to the “big city” for a little shopping excursion. There is a distinct difference between those that live here and those that don’t. Like a game show, people put a lot of thought into what they are wearing yet it still just doesn’t make the city cut. I am sure one lady pulled out her ‘best’ neon pants for the occasion.

Will you give me money?: Amazingly enough the people begging and shaking their change cups (I think they do best in front of Starbucks) don’t bother me, nor do those playing their music. I would rather give them my money than the street corner Green Peace groups. Yes, I care about the environment but I don’t want to give my money to you. If they ask me one more time why I don’t care about the environment, I might scream.

Don’t you care about dying children?: Worse though is the group raising money for underprivileged children worldwide. I can’t remember the name of the group. I didn’t recognize it when they told me which obviously means I should just hand over my credit card to the kid on the side of the street. But he caught me and wouldn’t let me go. When I told him I wasn’t interested in giving $22/month for the rest of my life, he responded “but for such a small amount, you can mean the world to a child and save their life.” And I still didn’t want to give him money so the real guilt ridden comments came out…”Why don’t you care about poor, starving children?” That was when I walked away.