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Colorado Springs June 12, 2009

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We got back from a trip to Colorado Springs last night.  It really is a nice little town.  It is green with lots of trees and water and the mountain landscape.  I liked it.  It was quite the adventure and for a vacation, it was a lot of work.

patty jewett

Patty Jewett

Sunday we played the slowest round of golf…ever…at Patty Jewett Golf Course.  Patty Jewett is the third oldest course in the country founded in 1898.  It is the oldest public course.  It is very busy all the time.  AND President Eisenhower played there.  I always get excited when I am in a place where someone else once walked.

This picture is pretty much what it looked like – however there were lots of leaves on the trees.  Pike’s Peak is in the background and storms were coming in over it the entire time we were in Colorado.  I love rainy, dreary weather.  It was pretty nice.

And on a side note, I actually played well.  Anyone who has seen me play recently would have been quite impressed because for whatever reason, my golf clubs decided they wanted to hit the ball.

That’s enough talk about golf…I know I’m bored when I listen to golf stories too.


Kissing Camels or an Alligator

Monday was an adventure.  P Fish and I went to Garden of the Gods.  It’s a neat little state park where there are all sorts of red rocks in the middle of Colorado Springs.  The first thing we saw was the Kissing Camels.  I don’t know about you but I do NOT see kissing camels at all.  I see an alligator.

What do you see?


Balanced Rock


Pike's Peak


P Fish and I at Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods

A few more pictures of Garden of the Gods:

We spent some time in Manitou Springs wandering around the little town.  Lots of eating and hanging out.  most of the week.  Ate at a delicious little Vietnamese restaurant downtown – Saigon Cafe.  And a local brewery – Phantom Canyon.  Overall it was a good time…my legs are sore and happy to be resting today though.