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Utah Drivers – I wish I had a bumper car…. May 15, 2009

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UGH!!!  Bad drivers once again start my day off just right.  I know every state has its share of bad drivers but I have concluded as of this morning that Utah is definitely the worst…And I’ve driven in quite a few other states to compare.

This insane lady changed lanes NINE times this morning over  a stretch of about 500 yards.  One of those times was nearly into the side of me at which point I ever so politely used my horn to remind/alert her to my presence and she got angry…I’ve never wished for bumper cars so much because I wanted to ram her into a phone pole (and that’s putting it quite mildly).

I’m wondering why some people can’t just be courteous drivers.  Apparently it’s a lot harder to do than I think it should be.  A few things to start with that would help…

  • Turn signals – convenient how they signal to others that you intend to turn in the near future….otherwise, you’re just slowing down in a random spot.
  • Move entirely into a turn lane if it is available.  Otherwise you are just blocking traffic.
  • DO NOT TAILGATE.  Especially when someone is going ten miles over the speed limit in the right lane.  There are two other lanes to use for passing.  Need I say more?

That’s all in my driving rant today….To the woman in the white Mitsubishi eclipse convertible parked in front of the building next to us…YOU ARE THE WORST DRIVER I AVE SEEN IN A LONG LONG TIME!!

That Time Again….Cell Phones and Driving. February 4, 2009

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S reminded me today that I haven’t written in a while.  I apologize.  But I apologize even more for not having anything too interesting to say.

I did have a thought today as I was driving down the canyon for the third time this week.  People need to stop talking on their cell phones while driving…They really need to stop texting and reading their phones while driving.  I got behind a driver who could not maintain a steady speed for the life of them.  I couldn’t figure out how they could be going 50 one second and 80 the next.  Then I finally got around them….of course they are on their cell phone.  Another driver decided to merge into my lane…It would have been fine had I not been right next to him in that lane….Again, on the cell phone.  These things happen to me all the time.  Sometimes I feel as though I am a magnet to bad drivers.  I am not claiming to be the best driver in the world but I try to at a bare minimum pay attention to those around me.

As I mentioned though, it is even worse to be texting and/or reading texts and emails while driving but I see it all the time.  A few months ago, a 17-year-old girl in our town was killed in a car accident – while texting she rear ended a semi and proceeded to flip her car through the median to the other side of the highway while not wearing a seatbelt.  Seems ridiculous when you think about it but what are the chances that she would have seen the semi directly in front of her had she not been texting?

My point being, people should just be more careful.  I know that everyone is busy and trying to multi task and I am guilty of being on the phone while driving too.  But I am going to work on eliminating that from my routine.  At least I won’t be one of those really bad drivers that people get mad at because they are on their cell phone.