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Lack of Pictures October 20, 2008

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I know I have promised pictures but I forgot my cord so I do apologize and will do it when I get home.

However, things are good here.  We have been in Rome all weekend and are heading to Florence tomorrow.  Germany was very nice….rainy and brisk like fall should be.  I would definitely like to go back and have the chance to see more.  We have seen everything possible in Rome….and I am tired.  Ready for a break.

Food has been pretty tasty.  Though Tonys was not as good as I remembered it …. that was very sad.

How the Europeans Feel About U.S. Politics October 16, 2008

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I have officially heard it more than once now….The rest of the world is unhappy with our current political situation.  The upcoming elections are causing anxiety for everyone else, too.  

Collectively it seems that they want Barack Obama to become the next leader of our country.  They are ready for a change… not necessarily all the change he speaks of, but the hope that something will change after the past eight years of disappointing leadership.

Dumpster Diving in Deutschland October 15, 2008

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Today was quite the day….Just like it sounds like it might have been.

I have some favorite things about Germany….the first is that it is dreary and overcast just like I imagined it to be.  And the second is that it is fall.  I know I’m an odd one at times.  But it really is a picturesque little town.

Today we did everything Heidelberg has to offer to a tourist.  We walked on the main street, had pastries for breakfast, walked the Philosopher’s Way, ate lunch, toured the Heidelberg Castle, took the riverboat tour, went to the church, explored the kitsch souvenirs and then ate dinner.  I have had my schnitzel and my weissenbier and a pepper steak tonight.  And a sample of some sort of cinnamon parfait.  Now I just need an apple strudel to make my trip complete.

The adventures really began after the church – dumpster diving.  S & A are missing a few things in their apartment.  One happens to be an oven and the other is a television.  While walking along this morning with S, we saw a large toaster oven….gold to her….but we couldn’t carry it at the time.  Then on the walk back from the church we saw a television on the side of the road.  A immediately grabbed it along with the appropriate cables and then we pass the other pile of discarded home furnishings and the toaster oven is still there.  Of course we had to grab that as well.  So the happy campers are now the owners of a television and toaster oven which surprisingly enough both work.

pictures and more to come later….

I HATE Packing October 12, 2008

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Packing may be my least favorite chore of all time.  I don’t know why I hate it so much because that means I’m going somewhere.  For whatever reason, I hate it.  I can’t figure out what to bring with me.  Two weeks in what could be cool and rainy or warm and sunny.  And I can’t seem to get past the snow here.  Overnight I think we got four inches of snow on my deck.  I keep picking up warm clothes and realizing that I probably won’t need them.

A few random thoughts:

I’m leaving for Germany tomorrow!!

It is October and we have way too much snow already.  Especially when last winter it snowed until mid-June and this winter started on Labor Day.

The library has free movie and book on tape rentals.  And they have new stuff.  I think I’m going to quit with Blockbuster forever now.

One more day of work – and really only a half day.

I’m going to miss UTC Hall of Fame this year.  And that’s Ok because now I don’t have to buy another formal dress.

I’m also going to miss Trustworks this year and I am a little disappointed about that.

That’s all for now.  I need to get back to working my way through packing and laundry.  Hopefully once I really get going things will move a little faster.  I’m making creamy-apple-chicken chili tonight.  A new recipe….courtesy of my favorite, Rachael Ray.

Europe Page October 8, 2008

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I added a new page today.  It’s a summary of the European itinerary (roughly) for the next couple weeks.  I’m very excited for my trip.  I will post a ton of pictures there for everyone to see.

I’m excited about a lot of things but mostly to eat.  Many of you know how much I enjoy food.  I’m even moody when I don’t get it at regular intervals.  I’ve never been to Germany and I’m not quite sure what to expect in the food department.  I know that I like schnitzel but strange foods can be intimidating so hopefully I’ll learn about something new.  Otherwise I can eat the same thing for every meal.  (Similar to the jamon y queso everywhere we went in Spain and Portugal)

On the other hand, I know that Italy will not let me down.  I’m going to eat at Tony’s in Rome as many times as humanly possible while we are there.  They have the BEST lasagna ever.  I’m excited for the cooking class in Florence, too.  When I get home, I should know how to make something amazing.  Prepare yourself.