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One Vote Can Make a Difference November 11, 2008

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I completely support a popular voting system in our elections as opposed to the electoral college because then votes count regardless of what color state you live in.  Sometimes elections are determined by a very narrow margin like this one I read about in the Freakonomics Blog.

In Lincoln County, Mississippi the elections commissioner was determined by a single vote.  Janie Sisco unseated 20-year-incumbent Charles Monroe Smith.  I thought it was interesting that the vote was 1,580 to 1,579 and all came down to one person making a difference.  Just goes to show that your vote can count.

A Victory November 5, 2008

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I am so excited today.  I’ll admit that I have been nervous for the last couple weeks but tonight it proved to be completely unwarranted.  Barack Obama came through in the end and I am thrilled.  I was concerned that I was going to cry because I was so upset that McCain won but as it turns out, it was the opposite.

I’ve always felt bad for the candidates that do not become the president.  I remember being sad for George Bush when he lost to Bill Clinton – that was 16 years ago.  And today, I feel sad for John McCain.  I can’t even imagine what it must be like to want something so much and sacrifice everything ‘normal’ about your life for years in attempt to get the most important job in our country.

Back to things I’m happy about:  A few amazing things happened today (besides Obama winning).

I am from Indiana and for as long as I can remember, it has been extraordinarly conservative.  Though it’s not over, Obama has a very narrow lead in Indiana.  24,000 votes ahead with 99% of precincts reporting.  This election has proven to be a historic occasion already.


Candidate          Vote            Vote %
99% precincts reporting – Updated 1 minute ago

Also….I live in Utah and typically speaking we are as red as a state can be (more than Indiana).  Today (though the precincts have not all reported) we had a small victory.  Obama is winning Summit County (expected) and Salt Lake County (not so expected) and we have the most Democratic leaning election also since LBJ in 1964.


President / Vice President

McCain / Palin (REP)
Obama / Biden (DEM)
Totals 2245 78.66% 1766 61.49% 441,645 35.57% 255,498

Don’t Forget to Vote November 4, 2008

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vote-smart-buttonAfter a long last few months, the big day is finally here.  This is going to be a historic election.  For the first time in history, the US will have either a black man or a woman holding office in our executive branch.  We have heard a lot of arguments for and against each candidate so now all I can say is: don’t forget to go out and vote.  It is one of the most important things you can do in a Democratic nation.  I’m on my way right now!

Elections — Only 5 Days Left October 30, 2008

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We’re coming to the end of this campaign season and I’m hoping for the best next Tuesday.  Right now the numbers are looking good but stranger things have happened (2000 and 2004 elections).  Hopefully Barack Obama and Joe Biden can pull this one off.  I’m looking forward to something new and the End of an Error on January 20.

Politics in Cinque Terra, Italy October 29, 2008

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As Seen In Cinque Terra, Italy

As Seen In Cinque Terra, Italy

Over the last two weeks I have been asked many times if I prefer Obama or McCain.  Obviously by now you know that I’m for Obama.  It seems as though most everyone I’ve talked to is also for Obama.

As Americans, I feel that too often we are oblivious to the fact that our politics affect the rest of the world greatly.  Everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be more concerned with our elections than most of the people I know here.

Monday morning on the train, I was speaking to an Italian woman and she asked me about who I supported and she smiled when I answered and said that she hoped Obama won as well.  Then she said, “McCain just seems too much like Bush.  I can understand the first time Bush was elected was a mistake but you did it a second time and that cannot be overlooked.  I hope for your sake that your country makes the right decision this time.”

I hope for the world’s sake that we make the right decision this time as well.  We are in a delicate position with foreign relations right now and it is more important than ever to make your voice heard and vote.