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It’s Been A While…. January 7, 2009

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I don’t have a lot to say but figured that it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve said anything so I’d at least give a quick update to my few readers out there…

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year.  We had a good time.  It was quite relaxing.  Some time off work and everyone was home.  S went back to Germany yesterday and I’m jealous. (Even though she doesn’t want to go back) and D goes back to Italy in a couple more weeks.  If anyone out there knows of any art restoration jobs, let me know.  She’d be eternally grateful.

As with all New Years, I made some resolutions that I intend to  keep but won’t likely do.  I’m going to try though.  Nothing crazy and impossible:

  • Go to yoga twice a week to help my old lady arthritic joints
  • Stop buying books and use the library….and read the books I already have
  • Read 36 books this year
  • Go to all the National Parks in Utah (I’ve been here almost ten years and there is no excuse anymore)
  • Stop working more than 45 hours a week.
  • And finally, finish my first book.

I’m getting ready for my first focus groups next week.  I’m very excited.  It will be a whirlwind trip.  I leave for Pittsburgh Monday and we have two groups scheduled for Tuesday evening.  Then on to Cincinnati Wednesday morning and two more groups that evening.  Phoenix Thursday morning and the final two groups that evening. (Along with In-N-Out as many times as I can get there)  It should be an interesting trip – for a nerd like me anyway.

And last but not least, a while ago I posted about knitting scarves for the Special Olympics and I finished mine and sent it and forgot to take a picture before it went out.  I was pretty impressed with it.  My first pattern and only a couple mistakes.  Right now I’m working on my first hat, first time knitting in the round, and first cable knit pattern.  I’m also working on a checkerboard scarf.  Lots keeping me busy right now.

Let me know if you have any good topics for me to write about to prevent further ramblings such as these….

Happy Thanksgiving November 26, 2008

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. So here is the very brief overview….

Busy with work.  Finished my certificate in marketing research last week in Chicago.  Ate amazing bacon wrapped pork tenderloin while there.  Made the official decision to begin working on my book and have the outline ready to go. We won curling in a tight game Saturday.  Almost half finished with my scarf for the Special Olympics.  Reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns” after finishing “Rigged.”

I’m looking forward to the long weekend.  I definitely need to take some time to do some ‘me’ things as selfish as that may be.  I want to finish my book, finish my scarf, start some new knitting, help my mom start her new online store, and (this is an ambitious goal) clean my closet.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Business Books November 10, 2008

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imagesI cannot stand to read business books.  I find them dreadfully boring and ridiculously repetitive.  Almost every single book I have read in the realm of business could have been summed up in the first ten pages.  Everything that follows is just the same thing summarized in a slightly different way.  These authors surely got an A+ for their summarizing skills in their high school English classes when writing book reports.

My newest theory is that they are long because no one would buy them if they were only ten pages.  And why should they?  If they were really ten pages, most people could skim over it in the time it takes them to read the book jacket of any other book they were considering for purchase.

And more importantly, a little pamphlet doesn’t look all that impressive on the shelf.  When you are a book snob like me, that is a very important consideration.

What Would You Do If You Had An Entire Year Off Work? October 1, 2008

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I would read and travel and then write about each of those things.  I find myself wondering if I would get bored like so many people say I would.  I don’t think I would because I think there are enough places I want to see and enough books I want to read that I could fill far more than a year’s time.  It would also give me time to start working on my own books.  Plenty to do.  Now the trick is figuring out how to do it.