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The End of Another Week and an Onslaught of Random Thoughts March 13, 2009

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As the week comes to the end, I’m finally finishing up a research report that I feel like I’ve been writing forever and I am so frustrated with it in so many ways.  First that it is 11:37p.m. on a Friday night and I am still not quite finished (almost though – so close and I can finally say that after a crazy week).  I’ll have to do the final revision tomorrow because I’m definitely not making any sense anymore tonight and definitely not going to catch the awkward rambling that my writing tends to turn into when I am exhausted.  The second is that I am sick and tired of people thinking that 15 is some magic  number.  It is not.  It serves its purpose for very few things actually and I hate that there are declarations made about the way a company should make decisions based on 15 randomly chosen people – and actually to be honest, if they were actually randomly chosen, I would feel better about it but companies seem to give us people to speak to that they know will say nice things about them.  That does not do anyone any good!

Next on the list.  It is now 11:40 and I am babysitting.  It kind of stresses me out.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I could take a little nap.  Both of the kids were asleep when I got here so I haven’t been doing much besides writing and more writing along with catching up on this week’s American Idol.  But, every hour on the hour, I have to test one of the kids blood sugar.  He’s extremely high….I’ve given him bolus corrections three times this evening and I keep feeling like I’m drifting off then catching myself in a panic because I don’t want to miss a test and have him go into some state of diabetic emergency because I fell asleep. (this is the major cause of my exhaustion and delusion)

11:43.  American Idol.  I’m a little disappointed that Jorge went home.  I liked him.  Though I’m not sure who I would have sent home in his place this evening either.  Jasmine didn’t surprise me.  Maybe I would have sent Megan along with her.  Probably.  But that’s what happens when I don’t vote.  I am a strong advocate for important voting but this doesn’t qualify.  But I should still live up to my rule – if you don’t vote, don’t complain.

Onto some positive things at 11:45.  Next week is going to be exciting.  I have been waiting months for the final presentation for the program concepts we tested in January.  I’ve been working on this project since either September or October – I can’t even remember which and it is finally closing.  I’m excited but sad at the same time because it was definitely a lot more fun than I thought it would ever be.

I have decided that I really want a puppy.  I like them.  They are cute.  They are soft.  I should have one.  I will name her Bacon.  She will like her name and love me.  While I’m at it, I’ll get my kitten named Eggs at the same time.  He will like his name and love me, too. (mom, I am perfectly well aware that I shouldn’t get an animal but that doesn’t stop me from wanting one.)

And finally, at 11:48, I am sure you have read enough of my ramblings (similar to my final research report) that I will bring this to an end.  Have a good night….

RIDICULOUS! September 29, 2008

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Utah’s Idol David Archuleta – I think this speaks for itself.