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Presidential Debates September 24, 2008

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Election time is near.  Time for those debates.  Though McCain would like to postpone due to our economic crisis, Obama rejected his request.

I’m always interested to see how the candidates perform.  I feel that any candidate running for these offices needs to be able to handle a traditional debate.  It is a test.  One of many that they need to pass to demonstrate their qualifications to hold the office.  I know that the answers are very rehearsed but it shows a lot about their ability to handle pressure and a little bit of the unknown with the opposing response.  The debate has the power to win or lose an election for a candidate.  It is one of very few opportunities for our country to compare and contrast both major candidates.

As much as I look forward to John McCain and Barack Obama, I am more excited to see how Joe Biden and Sarah Palin handle their VP debate.