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Pumpkin Cookies November 4, 2008

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My (blurry) Pumpkin Cookies

My (blurry) Pumpkin Cookies

My grandma used to make pumpkin cookies for us every year around Halloween/Thanksgiving time.  And now it just doesn’t seem right to not have them.  So, I tried making them myself.  It was quite the process and somehow managed to take me two days.  Maybe D is right and I just can’t cook fast :-).  I started Sunday and the dough just wasn’t chilling fast enough so I finished them yesterday.  I even made some green icing for the stems in true pumpkin cookie fashion.

Then I find out after all of my trouble that I used the wrong cookie recipe.  I still think that they turned out well if I do say so myself.

Dumpster Diving in Deutschland October 15, 2008

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Today was quite the day….Just like it sounds like it might have been.

I have some favorite things about Germany….the first is that it is dreary and overcast just like I imagined it to be.  And the second is that it is fall.  I know I’m an odd one at times.  But it really is a picturesque little town.

Today we did everything Heidelberg has to offer to a tourist.  We walked on the main street, had pastries for breakfast, walked the Philosopher’s Way, ate lunch, toured the Heidelberg Castle, took the riverboat tour, went to the church, explored the kitsch souvenirs and then ate dinner.  I have had my schnitzel and my weissenbier and a pepper steak tonight.  And a sample of some sort of cinnamon parfait.  Now I just need an apple strudel to make my trip complete.

The adventures really began after the church – dumpster diving.  S & A are missing a few things in their apartment.  One happens to be an oven and the other is a television.  While walking along this morning with S, we saw a large toaster oven….gold to her….but we couldn’t carry it at the time.  Then on the walk back from the church we saw a television on the side of the road.  A immediately grabbed it along with the appropriate cables and then we pass the other pile of discarded home furnishings and the toaster oven is still there.  Of course we had to grab that as well.  So the happy campers are now the owners of a television and toaster oven which surprisingly enough both work.

pictures and more to come later….

Seasons of Park City September 30, 2008

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As winter approaches, I am a little bit sad that the fall isn’t longer here in Park City.

When we first moved here, I remember being so excited for Utah winters (For the record, Utah winters are still better than the bitterly cold, bone chilling Indiana winters) but, they are just too long here.  This year, it snowed well into June.  Then we skip right over spring for a hot summer and then we were back to snow again over Labor Day weekend.  Thankfully it melted and we went on with our summer as it should be.

I’ve been here for nine and a half years now and fall has become my favorite season.  I like the brisk air, sweater weather, the smell, and most of all the leaves.  The leaves started changing colors a couple weeks ago and are ready to fall any day now.  I love the fall here.  The mountains look like they are on fire when the leaves change color. Not the best picture but you’ll have to take my word for it.