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Spring Dine-O-Round – Salt Lake City April 23, 2009

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The Spring Dine-O-Round is here!  I love to eat as you know and I’m excited to hear that 30 local restaurants in down town Salt Lake are offering 30 nights of dinners for $30 (some of the restaurants are $15).  Each of the restaurants are offering a special three course meal throughout the month.  Go out there and try a local restaurant!  Or if $15/$30 is too much, some of them are offering a $10 two course lunch as an option as well.

I for one am going to take full advantage of these offerings and try some places I’ve wanted to for quite a while…and maybe visit a few that I already know I enjoy.


Happy Thanksgiving November 26, 2008

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. So here is the very brief overview….

Busy with work.  Finished my certificate in marketing research last week in Chicago.  Ate amazing bacon wrapped pork tenderloin while there.  Made the official decision to begin working on my book and have the outline ready to go. We won curling in a tight game Saturday.  Almost half finished with my scarf for the Special Olympics.  Reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns” after finishing “Rigged.”

I’m looking forward to the long weekend.  I definitely need to take some time to do some ‘me’ things as selfish as that may be.  I want to finish my book, finish my scarf, start some new knitting, help my mom start her new online store, and (this is an ambitious goal) clean my closet.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Breakfast vs. Lunch November 18, 2008

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I don’t understand how restaurants arbitrarily determine when they are finished serving breakfast.  Why can’t there be some overlap?

An example: McDonalds – breakfast ends at 10:30.  I’m not up for a Big Mac that early in the morning though.

Today I went to Kneaders for a raspberry muffin top and a sausage and egg croissant.  It was 11:10 and they wouldn’t let me have one.  Kind of upsetting.  At least they don’t force me into having a cheeseburger at 11 in the morning.

My Oven Is Broken November 6, 2008

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I never realized how dependent I am on my oven but it has been broken since before I got back from my trip (a week and a half now) and the fix-it guys never showed up yesterday and rescheduled for next Wednesday.  That is almost three weeks without an oven and I think I may go crazy.  Last night we had guests for dinner and had to microwave everything and it just doesn’t work out quite as well.  Even the easy foods that I think to have since I don’t have an oven (i.e. frozen pizza) are impossible.

If anyone has any ideas for good stove top only meals, let me know.  My powers of creative thinking are lacking today.  Though I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Pumpkin Cookies November 4, 2008

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My (blurry) Pumpkin Cookies

My (blurry) Pumpkin Cookies

My grandma used to make pumpkin cookies for us every year around Halloween/Thanksgiving time.  And now it just doesn’t seem right to not have them.  So, I tried making them myself.  It was quite the process and somehow managed to take me two days.  Maybe D is right and I just can’t cook fast :-).  I started Sunday and the dough just wasn’t chilling fast enough so I finished them yesterday.  I even made some green icing for the stems in true pumpkin cookie fashion.

Then I find out after all of my trouble that I used the wrong cookie recipe.  I still think that they turned out well if I do say so myself.