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qDot – my new Etsy store August 8, 2009

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quilt4With lots of time on my hands, I started an Etsy store a couple days ago.  (Check it out at qDot.etsy.com) To be honest, I’m not sure what it will lead to.  So far, I have posted my custom tshirt quilts but with my short attention span, who knows what may come up.  I have some bracelets to post shortly after I get some pictures taken tomorrow.  And lots of knitting plans as well.  So do me a favor and keep checking back…You can even heart me and make me one of your favorite stores if you’d like.

Weekends July 12, 2009

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I think I might be the worst person in the world when it comes to taking advantage of my weekends.  I look forward to them all week and think about all of the possibilities of what I could do.  And then it gets here… I can never make a decision about what to do. With all of the options for outdoor activities in Utah, you wouldn’t think that there would ever be a moment without something to do.

I am turning into an old lady.  I bet I have spent a couple hours with my plants and making sure they are watered, fed, and getting the right amount of sun.  (Though, I did successfully killed my calla lilies…I tried everything and could not save them.)  I read most of a book Friday night and yesterday.  I am well into my second book of the weekend.  I have knitted a little bit too.  I have cooked Sunday dinner and am debating on whether or not I want to make some banana bread (I won’t forget the bananas this time).  Oh and I don’t want to forget my afternoon naps…those are quite exciting.  My big adventure this weekend was a trip down the street for a cinnamon crunch bagel and then an unsuccessful visit to the outlet mall.

I guess I’m just going to have to start being a better weekend planner.

fanny packs??? July 9, 2009

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fanny packFanny Packs are definitely not the best look in fashion….I am aware that this is coming from someone who is very unfashionable.

I can understand their practicality.  I understand that you can carry a few necessities without the use of your hands.  When you are hiking, it’s probably pretty handy.

What I can’t understand….Designer fanny packs.  I was at a Blood, Sweat, & Tears concert the other night and from a distance thought someone spent a small fortune on a Louis Vuitton fanny pack.  I now stand corrected.  They spent a lot of money on a Gucci fanny pack.

Royal Gorge June 12, 2009

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IMG_1364I’m obsessed with bridges.  One of the items on my bucket list is to design and build a bridge.

IMG_1291The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in the world and it was very cool.  A little bit scary being 1,053 feet up in the air when the wind blows and the bridge sways with it.  You can see how high we are with the picture on the right – it’s through one of the cracks in the bridge.

IMG_1336I thought it was very cool.  The rest of the park left a little bit to be desired but it was a nice day trip.  I even saw wildlife trapped in cages.

Colorado Springs June 12, 2009

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We got back from a trip to Colorado Springs last night.  It really is a nice little town.  It is green with lots of trees and water and the mountain landscape.  I liked it.  It was quite the adventure and for a vacation, it was a lot of work.

patty jewett

Patty Jewett

Sunday we played the slowest round of golf…ever…at Patty Jewett Golf Course.  Patty Jewett is the third oldest course in the country founded in 1898.  It is the oldest public course.  It is very busy all the time.  AND President Eisenhower played there.  I always get excited when I am in a place where someone else once walked.

This picture is pretty much what it looked like – however there were lots of leaves on the trees.  Pike’s Peak is in the background and storms were coming in over it the entire time we were in Colorado.  I love rainy, dreary weather.  It was pretty nice.

And on a side note, I actually played well.  Anyone who has seen me play recently would have been quite impressed because for whatever reason, my golf clubs decided they wanted to hit the ball.

That’s enough talk about golf…I know I’m bored when I listen to golf stories too.


Kissing Camels or an Alligator

Monday was an adventure.  P Fish and I went to Garden of the Gods.  It’s a neat little state park where there are all sorts of red rocks in the middle of Colorado Springs.  The first thing we saw was the Kissing Camels.  I don’t know about you but I do NOT see kissing camels at all.  I see an alligator.

What do you see?


Balanced Rock


Pike's Peak


P Fish and I at Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods

A few more pictures of Garden of the Gods:

We spent some time in Manitou Springs wandering around the little town.  Lots of eating and hanging out.  most of the week.  Ate at a delicious little Vietnamese restaurant downtown – Saigon Cafe.  And a local brewery – Phantom Canyon.  Overall it was a good time…my legs are sore and happy to be resting today though.